Assigning/Reassigning Shifts

The Scheduler Tab shows you your entire workforce, or teams, with a calendar to add shifts.

You can add shifts directly to your workforce by clicking on any day. Or using the + button in the top to quickly add multiple shifts or leave types.

When you have added a shift to a team or to someone’s calendar row, the shift is automatically “Assigned to them”

Click on the shift to see Shift Details

The shift assignment is at the top of the shift details.

Assigning shifts or reassigning

There’s 2 methods of assigning, unassigning or reassigning shifts to your team.

1. Shift Details

  • Click on the shift in the calendar
  • Click Edit to see the details.
  • OR double click on the shift to quickly bring up details
  • Assignments are seen at the top of the shift details panel
  • Click on the dots to add more members of your team to this shift

2. Right Click on Shift – Quick Method

  • Right click on any shift type
  • Choose to Unassign or Reassign the shift

Creating Shift Types

Create the shift types your team will work

Edit shift types or create your own

Open Shifts

Adding cover requirements and shifts before assigning them to the workforce

See the options for adding shifts

Setting Up Team Rotas

Setting up multiple shift rotas for for your teams

Quick options for teams

Publishing Shifts to your Workforce

How to publish your rotas to your workforce team

How your team can see their shifts

Manage Your Workforce

Manage your workforce and create shift rota teams

Keep track of your workforce scheduling

Manage Shift Schedules

Create shifts and up shift schedules for your workforce

Schedule shift rotas for your workforce

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